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tv   [untitled]    January 24, 2012 3:30am-4:00am EST

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to have you with us thank you for having me here so we start from the latest news and we be out in the country has been swept with violent protests and government crises here as an expert at what is your version of what's going on has nato led to lacasse failed in the country last time i have been to tripoli it was on the twenty first of december last year. i had the chance to meet with all the main players with the most awful of the julian with the prime minister with the foreign minister with the oil and gas minister and i spent the whole day in tripoli and i still have a feeling that i was in a very fragmented city three or four militias hating each other competing with each other sometimes shooting each other and it seems like the pieces of. political puzzle the mob get together we see it live get back to you know it has to take time and it has to take goodwill from all the sides which were involved in a very long lasting conflict which to my personal opinion was
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a real civil war and in some areas of libya this civil war is not over in the south there is the whole desert area as an area of well to the certain extent no man's land it's out of control of. new governmental forces its own of tribes it's a zone all of controlled arms trafficking so i think that the difficult time fully b.-a will last for quite a significant period of time if need be and political elite is not ready to sit at the round table that's actually which russia was proposing last summer which african union was proposing last summer which president of south africa jacob zuma will be proposing on the twenty ninth and thirtieth of january in at this ababa that the african union summit african union summit to my mind may play a very positive role in putting that roundtable in the center of tripoli or any other libyan city in order to inspire the process. of national reconciliation but
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that's all political talk if you look at the last of an ordinary libyan guy was he better off before or now before the ordinary libyan guy it's very difficult to say because there are ordinary libyan guys and big guys the ordinary libyan guys in tripoli and ordinary libyan guys and desert living with that tribes and these are very different ways of living some people are happy to and i saw it physically in tripoli some people are happy to drink openly the moonshine which was absolutely prohibited in the time of warmer today and some people are really happy with that fact because then favor of sharia laws and everywhere in the country some people when you talk to them and dream about so-called dubai scenario they want to see libya as a mediterranean resort with five star hotels because you know isn't all that stuff but some people love thinking about the purity and islamic identity some people talk about necessity of establishing the sharia law of the country and all of these
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lawmakers world and all over the arab world brazil many different points of view you could probably say today that you can find in libya even within one family total unanimity of views what are the chances that his son safe islam will actually get a fair trial a lot will depend on that that would show the new face of libya actually i think that he will be in the government and the new libyan judicial system should show that it really share is the values of human rights rule of law and democracy in the new libya and that was my message when i was talking to. the juliette in tripoli on the twenty first of december i also asked him about the initiate the i.c.c. you hate to bring the case so this is a nation of numbers could offer to international criminal court actually his response was a very reserved and after that they said that it's very important to show. go to
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the international community that and you leave does not have anything in common with the previous regime now that western companies are lining up to get lucrative deals with the new libyan authorities where does russia stand with that some of the russian companies have already. started their operations in libya like guess probably of his working together with any of the extract oil the russian railroads are ready to give back all the russian companies are talking to their counterparts in libya about returning to the bia i got a very clear message from the political leadership and from the prime minister when i was in tripoli on the twenty first of december that you libyan government welcomes russian companies to be back so why not ok let's talk about syria now that's been top news for a while now what makes syria different from other countries that have been subject to the. arab spring and at this point how big is
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a sites support base because we don't hear much about that syria is different because syria is a cornerstone for political settlement in the middle east and the geo strategic role of syria is sorry to say that and i built want to insult anybody but it's more important than more crucial than geo strategic role for the international stability people that many other countries were covered by so-called arab spring that's why dealing with the syrian case we have to play political chess but not american football is that where people want intervening to say i don't think that the idea of intervention into syria is in there strategically speaking it's a wise idea i think that's what syria needs today it needs more political efforts it needs political dialogue and that's why i heard with the regret that president bashar assad said that he is not in favor of the continuing of the mission.
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observers sent by the arab league are pretty upset when russia seriously think that observers sent by the arab league can play the role as a factor of stability we had russia also offered several times that russia can be a docking mechanism between the government and the opposition unfortunately all our proposals are being rejected for the time being can i ask you about the arab league i mean isn't it are they in a position to actually make demands such as i said ship step down isn't their role really to mediate rather than i demand anything like that but i think that their role is to mediate that's what the secretary general is saying and that's what he's proposing no to mediate to build bridges and we russia strongly believe that regional organizations should play more important role in today's international politics what is important to mention here is that we are protecting syria but not a syrian regime we are protecting syria of the country we are protecting syria as a nation we want to help syrian people and syria as a country so you bring up
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a very important point because at this point if you look at it from the outside it does look like a full fledged war that's been going on for a while do you think a regime change in syria in order to protect the syrian people it's reasonable i seriously think that today the syrian political elite has to understand that the civil war will not lead to any political solution it will produce more blood from both sides it's useless hatred and it will make national reconciliation more and more difficult i think that i was here in france from all the camps involved in this fight should look at iraq a scenario should look at the libyan example should look at other sand examples in this woman's world of a set examples in there for we seriously think of that the civil war can all be a political solution what do you think finances and arms that free. syrian army
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a syrian opposition delegations and we were meeting here in moscow i think at least four syrian opposition delegations were not hiding sources of finance they were saying that finances coming from different sunni states different kompany as individuals what we see in syria today and i really regret to see that we see more and more of a conflict security and conflict between the shia and the sunni bashar assad belongs to a family which is an ally we family the shia family the majority of the population in syria are sunni is and unfortunately that is one of the biggest problems of the middle east today we see more and more competition between the shia and the sunni in some cases it is represented by the competition between iran and turkey but in some cases it is represented by the competition between different political and really shows a religious circles within one state how big
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a says support base at this point well i think that the support is rather substantial but it's not enough to arm all the opposition and to start massive war or mason mess of invasion against the syrian army so you just got back from sub-saharan africa are the vibes some the arab spring felt there in the region at all one of the most concerning. results for the so-called arab spring particularly the war in libya is the problem of arms trafficking in the south of the zone in sub-saharan i recently visited. and for these poor countries and what is happening in the desert what is happening in in the softer the zone is a real nightmare one of the tribal leaders said to me what happened in libya on the mind the markets of what market today saw get the chinese made manpad that was an alarm for american made stinger costs the price of two kalashnikovs it's for
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nothing and i think it's a real problem it's a real problem because uncontrolled thinking may end up somewhere in the south of africa or somewhere in the south of europe do you think the fight for don't we nation over at the african research this could destabilize the region well the it's not the fight it's a kind of competition. suddenly many countries which forgot about the african continent during the ninety's to recognize that africa is the only continent in the world where you can get the assets for the real price or sometimes for the price which is on the market and today we see competition between many countries in the african continent it's not chinese domination like it was in the ninety's we see turkey was iran we see russia we see western countries we see brazil we see other players india malaysia i mean all the new economy is there and all the new economy
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the e.u. imposes more sanctions on syria damascus rejects arab league calls for president assad to step down but i think international pressure has seen the regime percivale the syrian people feeling the squeeze. in libya gadhafi loyalists clash with the interim government forces in the town of bani walid as fears grow of a slide back into civil war and fighting follows weeks of protests you need is struggling to find a country. to ride it's being one sided traditional between the u.s. and the u.k. designed to help bring terror suspects and justice faces fresh call support views
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into position anger it's a one way street to american jails. i'll bring you more news in about fifteen minutes time but for that remark on that will update you on the latest action from the world sport. hello welcome to sport in our d.c. coming to you live from the russian capital with me wrong call for a pledge up ahead but first the headlines. victoria azarenka bellew's becomes the first semifinalist said stratton open after exhibiting i mean sure advance golf poland. and see did you consider them a car was five time winner severino williams in straight sets to set off on a spread and open quarter final against maria sharapova the men's champion the djokovic she is also for. and in football transfer use russian international role
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is to stay put in that huge premier league while national team made. this packing his bags for a return home. let's get sued senna's first though and choose they scored a final match as the australian open defending champion kim clijsters remains in the title chase following her victory over world number one carolyn wozniak e clijsters kept her title deeds on track with a victory in straight sets six three seven six and away from her in the semifinal is third seed victoria azarenka who came back from behind six seven six love six two supposed to victory over poland. in the men's droll fourth time a strong and open champion rachet better as stormed into the semifinals after a match with world number eleven juan martin del potro federer won in straight sets six four six three six two and a little later world number two rafael nadal takes on burdick who has dropped
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already two sets so far in this tournament has failed to progress past the quarterfinals at those credit open in the last couple of years losing to lower ranked players each time so he will obviously be looking to improve on that. and earlier former champion maria sharapova claimed her spots of the next stage show where she will take on serena williams has eliminator. in an all russian quarter final at the shrine open now germany's sabine lisicki became the first woman to take a set off sharapova but after dropping the opener the twenty four year old russian claw her way back into the match to win it three six six two six three and return to the quarterfinals for the first time since winning that title down under four years ago. standing in the way next his left handed compadre it's a car of a who serves up the biggest upset of the tournament so far the on scene to twenty three year old knocking out twice on what are so you know williams to roll in serve
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amazing grand slam quarter final. surprise because she's a great player and it's really tough to play against her. but i don't know i just feeling so good i'm so focused so i play my game and. i won and it's amazing you know i didn't play well and i'm not physically one hundred percent so it's like you know i. can't be so angry at myself even though i'm very unhappy and you know i can play a hundred times better than i did this whole tournament. elsewhere a second. survived a second set back by former world number one on a barbecue serbia but the wimbledon champion held on to win sixty seven takes a little and you late last year drugs the last stage. in the next round is a surprise irani who steamrolled the last chinese. to go. wild
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has been backed by former compadre. the eighteen time major winner saying that current wimbledon champion is more deserving of the world's top ranking. nobody feels that the true number one. ranking system will resume. and they were giving no bonus points for beating. their number one because she. doesn't have a greater record in her career or over the last four years over the top to. well in the meantime defending men's champion overcame former finalist lleyton hewitt in four sets that australian plane in his sixteenth hole grand slam was two sets and a breakdown in the third before reeling off six straight games to become the first
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man to take a set off the top seed however the world number one fought back to take the four six three and reach his fifth straight quarter final in melbourne. it was playing out of his crowd and obviously he loves competing against. you know the top guys in the big stage and he proved it again it was a great atmosphere and you know it was the end of the suits in the crowd got involved in it it was great you know the moment you play tennis full to be out there in those situations and jock itch will face in the quarterfinals the spaniard to semifinalist last year with a straight sets what are all her friends his wish are desk a. meanwhile former finalist jo wilfred tsonga is the biggest name to fall so far in the men's draw the french sixteen going out to kenya she corrie after a five set up that's what it's all year old keeping his nerve in this long final rally to become the first japanese man to reach the australian open quarter finals
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in the open and he's not overwhelmed by you that she. is going to be. to make me a lot of history. to be number one player. but that never gives me the finish. so a grueling match for an issue korea and he'll next play a well rested andy murray that's why he's been in the final his booking his place in the next round africa. in regard to said down fourth seed murray spent less than fifteen minutes on this is a really hot rod laver arena. russian athletes have returned home from the inaugural youth olympic winter games in austria where that c. managed and overall fifth place in the standings now the country's junior athletes were greeted by hundreds of journalist friends and relatives at moscow's domodedovo airport following their performance which brought russia total of five gold or
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silver and seven bronze medals figure skating olympic champion and russia's hold for such a twenty fourteen get as a bit out took some mission by says her coach helped her with confidence and that media pressure didn't really bother her. in trying not to think of the pressure and just do my job by listening to my coach anything we trust him i'm confident that he knows what he's doing so i'm absolutely called. so that's when he's sixteen youth winter olympics will be held in norway's little hammer and that's when the fourteen junior summer games will be stage in china's nine jane however the bids to host subsequent youth tournaments are about to stall boring in among them is russia's republic of dagestan that wants to host the games of either twenty eight scene or twenty twentieth's suit now a little earlier i spoke with the president of the region i'm not going to go mad off and this is what he had to say. it's possible that in twenty
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eighteen the util unpick games will be held in dagestan it would be hard to accomplish to be honest but it is possible but in twenty twenty two it's quite realistic we will be ready to host the games in twenty eighteen but if not then the team will be ready for twenty twenty two even if we don't get to host the youth summer games we will still create entirely in pick infrastructure the main stadium for forty five thousand people which will be built within a framework of a new city it will be built on the coast near the airport and that will be a very beautiful city with its house roads stadiums and everything else that is needed for the junior olympics once again it doesn't matter if our bid wins or not we will build a new city in any case. football now and with a week to go in the english transfer window room on public chant goes agent has finally confirmed that the russia striker has signed
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a one year extension with thought ma'am the thirty year old will remain at white hart lane until the summer of next year despite having been recently linked with a move to a place the hub doesn't clubs both in england and in a russian public jango has fallen down with manager harry redknapp spec'ing orders since arriving from spartak moscow four years ago but has forty one goals in one hundred eight appearances so far for spurs. however one russia regular is bound for a whole match or a spell in england sports like moscow have announced they've reached an agreement to sign midfielder jimmy out a bit of dino from everton the twenty six year old is used to undergo a medical debt for putting pen to paper for the red lights that i did you know captains another moscow side looking at seen before he's moved to the top he's back in two thousand and nine. and i saw a key they k.h. l. has squashed the season long ban off arguably the league's most short tempered guy
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jeremy blonsky story aside the hot headed canadian saw his appeal satisfied after serving a fifteen game ban be added next martial artist was handed they have a penalty in november for yet another punch up on the eyes of what should now be available for sunday's game at champions live as troubling details look to and and a game losing streak. and finally to a sport where russia sought the table but perhaps not in an area you'd expect over the weekend more than a thousand swimmers braved the icy waters of the baltic sea to take part in the eight winter swimming world championships this hearty competitor was one of the russian teams that collected thirty medals in a latvia from an impressive eighty four disciplines varying from twenty five to four hundred fifty meters for those who could endure this subzero temperatures over a thousand courageous swimmers from twenty seven countries including as far away as canada and australia support and all of them look forward to
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a hot drink at the very end. between updating everyone on facebook and the national news by crime is time to hit results upside a spate of really really big event not destroy us i think i think makes world championships it will it will be a big big train coming out of the. more forthcoming your way in less than a couple of hours meanwhile you can take a look at our youtube channel which is at our sports news sell it take a look when you get a chance thanks for watching. well . technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered.
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more sanctions on syria damascus rejects arab league calls for present. a new government with the opposition. new libya. clash with interim government forces in the town of bani walid as fears grow of a slide back into civil war. for being one sided extradition between the u.s. . to help bring to justice places french schools for me it's a one way street.
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costing live from moscow this is r.t. welcome to the program kerry johnston the e.u. has imposed a new round of tough sanctions on the syrian regime. damascus rejects the call for present to step down or summing up a month of its observer mission. deputy and pave the way for unity government with the opposition for international sanctions against the regime being stepped up if the people here squeeze their first reports now from damascus. trying to shine a light on what's happening in the country the mission looks set to continue now for another man.


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